Confused ?!?!?!?!?

This has been probably one of the most confusing weeks of my life. I don”t really know what to do or say so I want to have suggestions please anyone. I know this is kind of short but i still don’t ¬†actually know what I want this blog to be about.

Girl online, going offline xxx

The real me

I guess my blog day is going to be a Thursday every week unless something important comes up. I don’t really know where to start here, being able to tell you all everything about me online and you don’t know who I am is awesome but now it is harder than it sounds. So lets start with the basics.

I am a girl who has started this blog to get things off her chest. I guess you some would call me different. The first impression that you get when you meet me is a shy person that doesn’t talk a lot, then when you get to know me you realise that I’m not so quite anymore and that i am really loud but then people start to think they know me, I seem all tough and I seem like nothing gets to me but really it does no one knows the real me except me but i want someone to get me and understand me and i would rather tell someone that hasn’t seen me and probably never will so I’m going to tell you, at least then you can’t judge me when you realise how messed up i am. ¬†But this isn’t going to just be about my problems its going to be about life and with all the bad and sad things come really good ones as well.

So I want to ask you a question, Have you or do you ever pretend to be something that you are not?

Please comment your answers

Girl online,going offline xxx

My first blog!

I’m really new to the blogging world so I’m not going to be that great. I was inspired to start this blog because of Zoella’s book girl online, I don’t want my blog to be exactly the same as the one in Zoe’s book but the main idea is going to be like that. I think I could be very good at this if I have the right followers and also great support from them as well. I don’t really have a blog ending but until I come up with my own one this is going to be it.

Girl online, going offline xxx